How to Choose Lottery Numbers in Nigeria

How to Choose Lottery Numbers in Nigeria

Lottery games are a game of chance and choosing lottery numbers can be challenging.

However, this doesn’t mean one can’t have a strategy for selecting their lottery numbers.

We understand that there is no perfect method for choosing winning lottery numbers, but there are numerous ways that you can achieve it.

If you are struggling to pick your numbers for tonight’s massive jackpot?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1) Spread your lottery numbers

This is one of the proven and effective ways of winning the lottery in Nigeria.

While you assume your lottery number combination is unique, there are thousands of lotto fans around the globe who could be playing the same combination and this can greatly limit your chances of walking away with the jackpot. This is one the things lotto winners won’t tell you.

To avoid splitting your jackpot with players around the world, ensure you spread your number combinations. If the number 5 is lucky for you, then make sure you use a string of numbers with a value of 5.

But do not use them all on the same ticket, instead, buy several tickets for the same lottery, and spread your multiples of 5 across your ticket purchases with a few random numbers thrown in for good measure.

2) Diversify your lucky number picks

Heard of the saying, lotteries are all about diversifying your lucky numbers?

Diversifying numbers helps you resist the urge of putting all your eggs in one basket.

While it is tempting to only play and win the massive lottery prices, just a fraction of that would be more than enough to see your dreams of luxury come true.

Here’s what smart lotto players in Nigeria like yourself could cash in. Smaller lottery jackpots generally offer higher winning odds and lower ticket prices, meaning that a savvy player could enjoy huge benefits with just one little ticket purchase.

With that said, selecting your lucky numbers for a small lotto could help you cash out rewards, so diversify your playing strategy and you could be the next millionaire.

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3) Pick your Winning Lottery Numbers with IauctionX today!

This is obviously the most important lottery tip of increasing your chances of winning the lottery is by purchasing a lottery ticket in the first place.

And there’s no better place to play than Simply log on today, purchase your lottery tickets online quickly and easily, and you might be opportuned to claim some of the biggest and fantastic prizes in the country.

4) Trust your Gut

Trusting your gut is one strategy to adhere to when selecting your numbers.  Every once in a while, lottery winners claim to have played numbers that came to them in a dream, trance or that they simply have a good feeling about.

If certain numbers are really calling your name, it might be worth your while to answer!


Pick a unique number combination, spread your numbers, diversify your lottery play, trust your gut and that next lottery jackpot could be yours!  is the best lottery game that makes your dream of luxury living come true.

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