Hero keeper Mary Earps wins World Cup’s Golden Glove despite X-rated blast at Spain’s players


ENGLAND ’keeper Mary Earps won the World Cup’s Golden Glove — despite bellowing “f*** off” at Spain’s players.

Earps let rip after saving Jenni Hermoso’s 68th minute penalty to keep the trailing Lionesses in the game.

England goalie Mary Earps won the World Cup’s Golden Glove

The moment went viral, and fans vowed to print a picture of her four-letter yell on T-shirts, a nod to Nike’s refusal to make a shirt with her name on.

Man United’s Earps won the Golden Glove after conceding just four goals over seven games.

Gaffer Wiegman said: “I think Mary´s performance has been really good. She has had crucial saves a lot of games in this World Cup, and before that, too.”

She was named the world’s best goalkeeper in women’s football by Fifa in February and is a Euro 2022 champion.

She said of the ­accolade: “I am proud. It’s very hard to achieve. But I would trade it for a gold medal any day. Disgusted that we fell short.”

Following the final, Nike said it was “working towards solutions for future tournaments” regarding a Mary Earps replica shirt.

Earps — dubbed ‘Mary, Queen of Stops’ — previously called their decision not to produce a World Cup one as “disappointing and very hurtful”.

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