France and Netherlands could make Euros history with never-before-seen ‘perfect group’ on verge of being achieved


FRANCE and the Netherlands are on the brink of making Euros history with a never-before-seen phenomenon.

Kylian Mbappe and Co have already confirmed their sport at next summer’s tournament with seven wins from seven, the latest being a record 14-0 win over Gibraltar.

ReutersKylian Mbappe’s France could make Euros history tonight[/caption]

But Virgil van Dijk and the Netherlands will also need to winRex

How the Group B looks currently

The Netherlands have also qualified with a game to spare with five wins from their seven games in Group B.

Greece, who have secured a playoff spot, and Ireland also feature in the group with Gibraltar rock bottom.

But looking at the table there is an interesting trend at play ahead of the final games tonight.

Group B has the chance to become the so-called “perfect group” if the results go the right way.

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Should France beat Greece and the Netherlands beat Gibraltar then the group will not have a single draw result.

Instead, it will mean there is a two-win difference between every team and the same points difference to the team above or below in the table.

Top side France would have the perfect eight wins from eight, with the Dutch having six from eight, Greece four from eight, Ireland two from eight and Gibraltar zero from eight.

Furthermore, every team in the group has lost to the teams above them and won against the teams below them.


This perfectly symmetrical group has never occurred before in Euros qualifying history.

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So football history beckons tonight, and for those who want things to be symmetrical it may be a very aesthetic group to look at afterwards.

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