Forgotten stadium with bigger capacity than Premier League grounds now lies abandoned and faces calls to be demolished


STADIO FLAMINIO has hosted Olympic Games, Six Nations matches and the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie.

But it now faces calls to be demolished after falling into a hideous state of disrepair.

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoStadio Flaminio is in a state of disrepair[/caption]

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoThe once iconic ground’s stands are crumbling[/caption]

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoThe stadium hasn’t hosted any action in 12 years[/caption]

The iconic arena was opened in 1959 ahead of the Olympic Games in Rome the following year.

It was built on truly hallowed turf – the site of the demolished Stadio Nazionale PNF, the ground that hosted the 1934 World Cup final.

During the 1980s business was booming at Stadio Flaminio in the North West of Rome.

Pink Floyd, U2, Bowie, Springsteen and Jackson all performed there between 1987 and 1989.

Lazio and Roma both called the ground home during the 1989-90 season when the Stadio Olimpico was being refurbished – while lower league side Atletico Roma also later played there.

Stadio Flaminio was home to Italy’s Six Nations matches between 2010 and 2011, although the Azzurri decided to move away as the 30,000 capacity, while bigger than some Premier League grounds, was deemed not enough.

When renovation plans were abandoned by the Italian Rugby Federation, the iconic old stadium’s future was plunged into doubt.

With Atletico Roma having folded by this point too, the Stadio Flaminio found itself without a tenant.


YouTube @Nome PredefinitoStadio Flaminio’s interior is strewn with rubbish[/caption]

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoThe ground has been left to rot in the last decade[/caption]

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoPlenty of repair work would be needed to restore it to its former glory[/caption]

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoThe exterior is also rickety and out of use[/caption]

Following years of neglect and an ageing structure, Stadio Flaminio was soon in a state of disrepair.

It now features a badly degraded interior, with rubbish strewn all over the place.

While its pitch is vastly overgrown, overlooked by crumbling stands.

Stadio Flaminio has faced calls to be demolished in the 12 years since it last hosted a Six Nations match.

But there remains some hope, with banking groups Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Istituto del Credito Sportivo having concocted a plan that could see it brought back to working use.

It is estimated that the plan would take five years to execute, costing around £70million.

Stadio Flaminio’s original design by famous Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi would be respected.

But the ground would be brought back to life with a new 25,000 capacity and even a retractable roof.

The redeveloped Stadio Flaminio would be designed to host football and rugby matches once more.

Lazio have been strongly linked with a return to their former temporary home.

The Serie A club’s owner Claudio Lotito would be interested in moving to the site – but would want a 40,000 capacity.

He admitted earlier this year that his hope in moving there was on the wane, however, saying: “There are limits that seem to make this path very difficult.”

For now Stadio Flaminio remains in a sorry state, with memories of its glory days fading further into the past.

GettyStadio Flaminio was built for the 1960 Olympics[/caption]

GettyThe stadium hosted Six Nations matches between 2000 and 2011[/caption]

GettyThe venue was a glorious setting in its pomp[/caption]

YouTube @Nome PredefinitoIts old scoreboard just about remains intact[/caption]

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