Fighters weigh in at staggering combined 59 STONE for Power Slap bout.. with one even scoffing a chocolate bar on scales

POWER SLAP is set for its biggest match-up ever with two super heavyweights coming in at a combined 59 stone.

‘Slap for Cash’ and ‘Da Hawaiian Hitman’ are set to face off at the UFC APEX on Wednesday evening.

Alamy‘Slap for Cash’ aka Adam Hutchinson chomped on a chocolate bar at his weigh-in[/caption]

AlamyDa Hawaiian Hitman weights almost 100 pounds less than his opponent[/caption]

Power Slap chief Dana White is billing the contest as the first 800-pound clash.

‘Slap for Cash’ – real name Adam Hutchinson – chomped on a chocolate bar as he weighed in at a staggering 33 stone [461 lbs] for his Power Slap debut.

Dayne ‘Da Hawaiian Hitman’ Viernes came in at almost 100 pounds less, hitting the scales at 26.2 stone [367lbs].

It is set to be the heaviest match-up in Power Slap’s history as the two goliaths go head-to-head.

Special measures have been put in place to prepare for the duel, including the introduction of two new catchers.

White revealed two strongmen have been hired to prevent the two fighters from falling after they are hit.

He told BroBible: “What we had to do is we brought in, you know the World Strongman Competition, we brought in two of the strongest guys in the world from the strongman competition.

“One guy’s name is Evan Singleton, and the other guy is named Trey Mitchell, those two dudes are 400 pounds each, so they’re going to be the catchers.”


‘Slap for cash’ is feeling confident ahead of his debut having trained with the likes of Tyson Fury and Nate Diaz.

He also has the weight advantage and experience in the sport, claiming he has knocked out more than 60 people.

He said: “There was no slap videos on the internet before I posted any of my stuff. I started this whole thing. I’ve knocked over 60 people with the ‘Slap for Cash’ stuff.

“I do come from a boxing background, and I was in Tyson Fury’s camp for a couple of weeks last year. I’ve been friends with Nick and Nate Diaz for ten years.”

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