Fans say Olivier Giroud’s brother ‘looks like a version of him who’s come back from future to prevent apocalypse’


FOOTBALL fans are shocked after seeing the resemblance between Olivier Giroud and his brother.

The pair came face-to-face via live stream for an interview on French TV channel Telefoot.

TelefootBrother Romaine told Olivier Giroud that he was the best player in the world[/caption]

TelefootFans were shocked at how much Romaine Giroud resembled his sibling[/caption]

TelefootThe pair appeared in an interview segment on French TV channel Telefoot[/caption]

And fans were shocked by the appearance of Giroud‘s elder brother Romaine.

He bore an uncanny resemblance to the AC Milan striker, only with long flowing hair and more grey in his beard.

Fans quickly joked about the similarities between the pair, joking Romaine was actually Giroud coming back from the future.

One said: “His brother looks like a version of him that’s come back in time to prevent the apocalypse.”

Another added: “Olivier Giroud’s brother looks like Olivier Giroud if he was cast as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.”

A third said: “His brother looks like a ‘The Last of Us‘ version of him.”

And another commented: “It’s like [Matthew] McConaughey in the present day of True Detective vs the flashbacks.”

Romaine, 45, played for Auxerre at Under-15 and Under-17 level but never made it as a pro, unlike his World Cup-winning younger brother.


He now works as a nutritionist and revealed he was inspired in his choice of career by Giroud, 36.

Romaine said during the interview: “For me, you are the best player in the world.

“I never told you, but through you, I made the career that I never managed to make.”

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