F1 presenter ‘still shaking’ after being ‘absolutely terrified’ live on air during Las Vegas GP


F1 presenter Laura Winter was left “absolutely terrified” after three men painted blue interrupted her broadcast.

Winter, 30, was at the Las Vegas Grand Prix presenting for F1 TV when the incident occurred.

Laura Winter is one of the lead presenters for F1 TVGetty

F1 TVShe was left stunned when the Blue Man Group came into shot[/caption]

F1 TVShe could not gather her words in a hilarious moment live on air[/caption]

F1 TVWinter posed with the Blue Man Group and shared the picture on social media[/caption]

The trio, known as the Blue Man Group, stepped into shot behind the presenter and fellow co-host Will Buxton.

A surprised Winter reacted by simply saying : “Oh my god.”

She then attempted to compose herself but could not contain her shock.

And, after gathering herself, she added: “They’re absolutely terrifying me. I’m actually shaking.”

Winter then started nervously laughing once more, before the clip was shared on social media.

A fan posted the video and added: “Laura Winter freaked out by the blue men .”

Winter then replied by saying: “I am so sorry, I’ve never in my life lost it so badly on air but I found this genuinely absolutely terrifying. Still shaking. ”

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She also shared a photo of her posing with the Blue Man Group and added the caption: “There was a happy ending of sorts.”

Blue Man Group responded with a tweet of their own which read: “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you, friend. Hope you’re okay!”


Winter is establishing herself as one of the main F1 presentersGetty

She previously worked on cycling before becoming an F1 hostThe Mega Agency

To which Winter replied: “Thank you guys, all good – you’re amazing at what you do! ”

F1 fans on Twitter could not get enough of the hilarious moment, with one saying: “Reminding everyone that even TV presenters are human! Made us smile, no need to worry.”

Another added: “It was fun to watch tho! :)”

While a third replied: “I loved it!! Real human moment. I do hope you are OK and recovered!”

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And a fourth responded: “You were a delight to watch so early in the morning, I couldn’t stop laughing!!”

Meanwhile, the first practice session of the inaugural Las Vegas GP was cancelled after just eight minutes due to a failed drain cover.

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