Ex-Newcastle star in last Champions League squad left a ‘caterpillar cake’ poo in fridge for disgusted team-mate

NEWCASTLE’S last Champions League squad included a player who left a “caterpillar cake” poo in a team-mate’s fridge.

That was none other than Andy Griffin, who clocked up 104 appearances in six years at St James’ Park and was a starter under Sir Bobby Robson in Europe back in 2003.

Ex-Newcastle ace Andy Griffin pulled off a disgusting prank on Bradley OrrPA:Empics Sport

Griffin played for Newcastle the last time they qualified for the Champions LeagueGetty

That was the last time the Toon played in the Champions League but Eddie Howe’s men just ended that 20-year hoodoo after confirming their place in the top four with a goalless draw against Leicester.

However, Howe will be hoping his players will show more decorum than Griffin did two decades ago when he pulled off a vile prank on Bradley Orr.

The two Newcastle team-mates lived together in the same flat back in the early 2000s.

And the outlandish right-back decided to wind up his understudy.

However, Griffin arguably went overboard by leaving something disgusting in their fridge for his flatmate to find.

Orr told Under the Cosh: “Griff is one of my best mates, never mind football, one of my best friends, what a fella.

“I lived with him for a few years – he’s around the bend, nuts, horrible creature, but an absolute diamond.

“Griff was playing week in, week out at this point and you know when you have to stay behind to do extra and stuff.


“I come in the flat one day and he’s asleep on the couch, and I’ve gone off and gone into the fridge and there is a turd that long on the top shelf of the fridge.

“I’m like, ‘Are you for f*****g real?’ We’ve got to live here, this is our fridge, with a big log about that long.

“He wasn’t asleep, he was just down laughing his head off and I was like, ‘There’s something wrong with you mate’.

“You know when you s**t on your own doorstep, you have s**t in your own fridge. He thought it was just hilarious.”

Jon Parkin then asked: “Was it like a caterpillar cake on the fridge?”

Orr confirmed that was indeed the case as the panel burst out laughing.

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