Erling Haaland’s strict sleeping technique revealed, from special glasses, hi-tech ring and Champions League alarm

ERLING HAALAND’S five goals against RB Leipzig on Tuesday night took his tally to a startling 39 for the season – and we’re only in March.

The Norwegian, 22, shared a picture on Wednesday morning of him sleeping alongside his match ball.

Erling Haaland took a nap with his match ball and tinted sunglasses on Wednesday

He is known to take sleep extremely seriously

The Aura Ring is a sleep device that Haaland is known to use

And his resting regime is just another addition to his set-up that makes him one of the most formidable strikers in world football.

According to The Mail, Haaland is obsessed with how he can improve his sleep, labelling it “perhaps the most important thing in life”.

But in order to secure the optimum shuteye, he has several things in place to help.

They include his orange-tinted, blue-light glasses – visible in his photo from earlier this week – which he wears in the hours before going to bed.

He goes to sleep between 10pm and 10.30pm and turns all electric devices off a while before getting his rest.

Haaland also uses an Oura Ring – which measures sleep quality, temperature trends, stress and heart rate.

The ex-Borussia Dortmund man scores impressively when using the device – something former Manchester United man Gary Neville also uses for health reasons ever since collapsing at the Euros.

Hilariously, Haaland also has the Champions League theme music as his morning alarm.


Erling Haaland has 10 goals in the Champions League this season

Haaland has 28 goals in the Premier League

He has spoken on several occasions about how much Europe’s premier competition means to him – evident through his record of 33 goals in 25 games.

Haaland is understood to be meticulous when it comes to perfecting his physical condition.

Norway coach Stale Solbakken recently said: “His body is still improving, he is still growing.

“If you look at him now and 12 months ago, you can see a small difference. He takes this very seriously.”

He has bulked up significantly since his younger days at Molde – becoming a huge, commanding presence that is difficult for defenders to outmuscle.

And his diet has also gone some way to helping him formulate the best recipe for success.

Haaland can consume up to 6,000 calories per day, with Norway team-mate Josh King saying: “I’ve never seen anyone eat as much as he does. He just eats like a bear.”

This can be attributed to him growing up in the farming town of Bryne where a high-protein diet is the norm.

GettyHaaland has bulked up significantly since his days playing in Norway[/caption]

Unique things on the menu include mineral-rich offal as well as heart and liver.

Speaking about what he eats, Haaland said: “Eating quality food that is as local as possible is the most important.

“People say meat is bad for you but which? The meat you get at McDonald’s, or the local cow eating grass right there?”

He balances his diet with carbohydrates such as his dad’s lasagne.

Haaland is also a lover of fish and fancies himself as a chef having left home to join Molde at 16 years of age.

His sleep and nutrition measures have clearly gone some way to helping him succeed at the very top level.

And he shows no signs of slowing down having already racked up 215 goals for club and country in his relatively short career to date.

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