England fans who upset locals by singing war songs like ‘Ten German Bombers’ face instant fines at Euro 2024


ENGLAND fans who offend locals by singing songs like “Ten German Bombers” face instant cash fines at Euro 2024.

UK police and the Foreign Office have been briefed that culprits will be marched straight to ATMs in Germany and ordered to pay up.

Alamy Live NewsEngland fans who offend locals by singing war songs like ‘Ten German Bombers’ face instant cash fines at Euro 2024[/caption]

EPAGerman police take part in an operational drill at the MHP Arena in Stuttgart in preparation for the upcoming Euros[/caption]

Fines are expected to be up to a month’s wages — with supporters instructed to declare their income.

German sources confirmed the cash crackdown will be launched to deter boorish behaviour among the 300,000 fans expected during the tournament.

A police source said yesterday: “The Germans have made it clear they will step in to stop threatening or anti-social behaviour. This includes offensive songs about World War Two.”

Authorities warned war-related chants may inflame tensions in cities like Frankfurt and Cologne, which were blitzed by the RAF and where England are to play.

Michael Johnson, of the UK Football Policing Unit, said British cops mingling with fans would first warn unruly fans before German counterparts step in.

He told The Sun yesterday: “Our officers can say, ‘Come on guys — you’re in Germany singing the Ten German Bombers song and it’s really not a good idea’.

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“If you still do that, you are likely to be arrested — you’ve had your warning.”

He said fines may also be dished out for drunkenness and urinating in the street.

It comes amid travel and security warnings for supporters heading to the tournament, which kicks off on June 14.

Rail unions are threatening to strike as they claim they cannot guarantee fans’ safety after decades of under-investment.

Police are also reported to have been hit by a £460million funding “black hole”.

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There is a CCTV shortage too, with laws limiting large-scale surveillance after the Cold War.

Stefan Bisanz, who has worked for the military police, said: “When you have hundreds of thousands of fans, yes, it will be very difficult to manage this with no CCTV.”

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