Eagle-eyed fans spot the moment Oleksandr Usyk ‘rattled’ Tyson Fury in press conference for undisputed heavyweight fight


FANS reckon they spotted the moment Oleksandr Usyk “rattled” Tyson Fury during Thursday’s heated press conference.

The two men squared up in London after announcing a mega clash in Saudi Arabia on February 17.

Fans reckon they spotted the moment Tyson Fury lost his cool with Oleksandr Usyk

Boxing fans believe Usyk has already ‘rattled’ Fury ahead of their fight

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk get heated #RingOfFire | 17.02.24 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia pic.twitter.com/xDzc4DiSk0

— Queensberry Promotions (@Queensberry) November 16, 2023

The highly-anticipated fight will finally see the heavyweight division unified.

But Fury was in no mood for fun and games as he launched a verbal attack on Usyk.

The Gypsy King held little back as he blasted his Ukrainian opponent.

Fury yelled: “His b******s have shrivelled up, now they have.

“Little sausage. A s***y with an earring in, you f*****g p***y.

“You’ll get knocked spark out.”

However, Usyk refused to engage with Fury and instead thanked the crowd for welcoming him.

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He added: “I’ll do my talking in the ring.”


A flustered Fury responded: “Very good, very good.”

And boxing fans reckon the heat of the moment finally got to the Gypsy King.

One said: “Will Fury actually go through with the fight? Seems rattled. Usyk sat calmly.”

Another declared: “I still think Fury wins this, but there’s not a man born from his mother who has ever rattled him like Usyk.”

One noted: “Usyk wasn’t taking a step back and it’s clear Fury is a little rattled. Overly loud.”

Another added: “For me Fury is unnecessarily rattled by Usyk who’s cool as always. I think Fury knows full well that Usyk poses a real threat to him and that unbeaten record.”

But some fans dismissed the idea of Usyk getting inside Fury’s head.

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One growled: “Fury is not rattled, have you ever watched literally any of Fury’s press conferences?”

Another added: “Must be new to boxing if you don’t know that Fury has done this his entire career in every meaningful fight.”

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