Eagle-eyed fans say ‘the mental battle is already LOST’ for KSI after spotting what he did in two Tommy Fury face-offs


EAGLE-EYED fans have claimed “the mental battle is already LOST” for KSI following his face-offs with Tommy Fury.

The celebrity boxing stars clash in a massive Battle of Britain bout on October 14 in Manchester.

ReutersKSI facing off with Tommy Fury ahead of their fight[/caption]

And before the DAZN pay-per-view showdown the two came head on during a heated press conference and face-off interview.

Both times KSI attempted to make Fury flinch by pretending to take a lunge at him and grabbing a bottle of Prime to dash his rival’s way.

But after each attempt failed to faze the unbeaten boxer, fans spoke out to say KSI was already in a losing battle.

One said: “KSI Has now FAILED at making Tommy Fury flinch TWICE The mental battle is already lost for this man.”

Another slammed: “KSI is embarrassing.”

One asked: “He’s trying to make him flinch from 2 meters away, idk why he’s tried it twice.”

KSI let out a menacing laugh as he grabbed a bottle of his popular Prime drink.

But a confused Fury responded with: “What was that about? There’s no flinching out of me, mate.

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“But don’t worry, I’ve got a rock solid metal (bottle) here and a lot more power behind my throw as well.

“And there’s no flinching there, you tried to but you didn’t and I hope your feints are a lot better because that was s***.”

KSI also left Fury bemused after making a remark about the size of his manhood having accepted the grudge match as a huge betting underdog.

He said: “Have you not seen the size of my balls, bro? I’ve got f basketballs down there.”

Fury replied: “I don’t want to. Why does him and Jake Paul keep coming out with this?

“Jake Paul said he was going to do such and such on fight week, and now you’re talking about balls. What is it with you guys?”

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ReutersThe celebrity stars clash in a massive bout on October 14 in Manchester[/caption]

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