Costa Rica national anthem: The Himno Nacional translated into English

THE World Cup is looming and many players have already made the trip to Qatar.

Among those competing for World Cup glory are Central American side Costa Rica.

AFPCosta Rica beat New Zealand in the play-off final 1-0 to book their place in Qatar[/caption]

Getty18-year-old Jewison Bennette has become a feature of Luis Fernando Suárez’s new-look side[/caption]

Fans will have fond memories of 2014, when they beat Uruguay and Italy to top their group.

Head coach Luis Fernando Suárez will be hoping to surprise again this year. To do so, they will have to navigate past both Spain and Germany in a difficult Group E.

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What are the lyrics to the Costa Rica national anthem?

The Himno Nacional de Costa Rica was written by José María Zeledón Brenes, and made official in 1949.

However, the music has been in place since 1852.

The anthem reflects the country’s peaceful attitudes, and decision not to deploy an army.

Here’s how it goes:

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Verse 1

Citizens, the sun of the free
has risen radiantly to the zenith;
its splendour gives us the breath
to win for the Fatherland or die.

Verse 2

Costa Rica broke the chains
that bound her to foreign power;
she let loose her own flag to the wind
and founded the empire of law.

Verse 3

Liberty proclaimed enthusiastically,
Liberty in order and good;
she girded the garland of progress
on her virgin and innocent temple!


The ambition of a suspicious foreigner
tried to submit her to the yoke,
outraged, the peoples rose up,
and they cried: “Back off, invader!”

And Walker’s enraged troops
listened, tempering their voices,
for over them, the heroic battles,
Costa Rica nailed her banner.

Verse 4

For long years thereupon heaven
wanted to give us happiness and peace
and in its benign shadow, progress
founded national wealth.

Verse 5

Constant and active work
gave the people, generous, bread
and Guardia was, the circumscribed duty,
Of the right of the people, the guardian.


The greed of jealous brothers
agitated in constant restlessness:
let us not consciously live
in peace, progress and light;

And they challenge us to a fratricidal fight
preparing the traitorous arquebus;
Come, then, so that injustice never

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