Colby Covington claims he lost over one stone in just a DAY to be back-up UFC 286 opponent… but did not even fight

COLBY COVINGTON claimed he lost over one stone in just a DAY to be back-up UFC 286 opponent despite not getting the chance to fight.

Covington made a shock appearance at the weigh-ins a day before Leon Edwards defended his welterweight belt against Kamaru Usman.

GettyColby Covington poses on the scale[/caption]

The American bad-boy was on standby in case either of the headliners pulled out but in the end he was not needed.

Covington, 34, said he lost 18lb in just a day, which is over STONE, as he spoke out on fight night.

He told the press: “Hunter Campbell and Dana White called me about three weeks ago and they were like, ‘Hey, Colby, just stay ready in case anything happens.

“‘You don’t know, someone could slip on a banana peel, someone could get injured, someone could miss weight. Just stay ready in case anything happens.’

“I hadn’t heard anything [until] Tuesday night. Hunter Campbell calls me and says, ‘Hey, Colby, I need you to come to weigh in and be the back-up fighter in London.

“I got to London on Thursday morning and weighed 188lbs. I had 18lbs to lose in one day. Did you hear me cry?

“Did you hear me make excuses? No. I got to work like the ultimate professional I am, and I made the weight.”

Edwards, 30, went on to beat Usman, 35, on points just six months after his head kick knockout win.


And UFC president Dana White confirmed Covington will be next in line for Britain’s UFC champion.

White said: “That’s the fight that makes sense, Colby came over here, cut weight and did everything to be here for this fight.

“He deserves the fight. Not to mention that he’s the second or third best guy in the world.”

GettyColby Covington at UFC 286 at the O2 Arena[/caption]

Leon Edwards beat Kamaru Usman on pointsGetty

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