Captain’s Challenge will not be used in 2024’s Super League matches


SUPER League sides will NOT be able to question referees’ decisions as a captain’s challenge will not be implemented.

All top flight matches will have video referees from next season, much like in the NRL.

All Super League matches will have a video referee from next season – but the captain’s challenge will not be implementedSWPIX.COM

But the northern hemisphere will not adopt the challenge capability in 2024 as it is not yet certain how the on-screen official system will operate.

Sources say the desire is for video referees to operate from a central bunker, much like the Premier League’s VAR at Stockley Park.

However, how that would work is still being worked on and each stadium needs to be evaluated as to how the system will be implemented, with some easier to fit it in than others.

The time needed to decide how it will operate has meant the Rugby Football League is unable to implement the Captain’s Challenge scheme just yet.

Currently, stars Down Under can question calls made against them through an official review system, much like in cricket.

Teams are allowed one a game and it is retained if it is successful.

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It was implemented in last year’s World Cup, when only one match was played at a time in venues which could handle it easily.

But the antiquated nature of some Super League grounds, plus the work needed to make sure everything RFL chiefs want video referees to do at non-televised games can be delivered, means the challenge is off the agenda for 2024.

Super League officials’ calls will not be questioned next yearSWPIX.COM

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