Brazil’s press officer leaves World Cup journalists in disbelief as he brutally disposes of CAT in Vinicius Jr interview

BRAZIL’S press officer shocked reporters after picking up a cat and throwing it on the floor.

The official was sat alongside Vinicius Jr at the time of the incident.

A cat interrupted @vinijr’s press conference

Not sure about the press officer’s handling of the situation #FIFAWorldCup

— Hayters TV (@HaytersTV) December 7, 2022

The cat was relaxing after jumping up on the table

The press officer picked it up in a shocking manner

He then threw the cat on the floor as Vinicius Jr watched on

Vinicius was answering questions to the press when a cat jumped up onto the table.

The Brazil star laughed as the curious feline chilled out during the press conference.

But the press officer decided to pick up the kitty by the fur on its back before dropping it over the front of the desk.

The reporters present could be heard gasping in shock but the Brazilian looked puzzled as he shrugged his shoulders.

He quickly asked for the next question as Vinicius burst out laughing.

The 22-year-old appeared to ask the press officer why he decided to get rid of the cat and seemed to laugh out of shock.

Fans on social media were also shocked by the press officer’s actions, with one writing: “Why did he throw it???”

Another added: “He didn’t have to throw it like that.”


And a third said: “Why did he pick the cat up like that …. I hope Brazil don’t win the world Cup now .”

Vinicus was speaking ahead of Brazil’s quarter-final clash with Croatia on Friday.

The Real Madrid winger scored in the previous round against South Korea, which Brazil won 4-1.

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