Black Galaxies to be paid qualification bonus, not winning bonus – Dr Tony Aubynn


Dr Tony Aubynn, chairman of the Black Galaxies management committee, has stated that players will be paid a qualification bonus, dismissing reports that players were given a winning bonus following Benin’s elimination.Annor Walker’s team defeated Benin 4-0 on aggregate in their first round qualifier and will face Nigeria in the final round with the winner qualifying for the 2022 African Nations Championships in Algeria.The rumours going round that the FA has paid $2500 as winning bonus to the Black Galaxies is not factual to the best of my knowledge I have no idea about it. The chairman does not pay winning bonuses, the period we find ourselves is not about paying winning bonuses but rather is about Ghana beating Nigeria in the next round, he said on Akoma FM.Though the players need the money that is not what they are thinking about for now, but qualifying against Nigeria. Let me say that when that is achieved, a huge package will be given to the team.The first leg will be held in Ghana in late August, with the return leg in Nigeria in September.Ghana are looking to return to the championship after missing the last three editions. Black Galaxies finished second twice in the first three editions. 

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