Are the World Cup stadiums in Qatar air-conditioned?

THE 2022 Qatar World Cup is a one-of-a-kind with it being the first in the competition’s history to take place in the winter.

With the tournament usually being a highlight of the summer for many, football fans around the globe have been made to wait an extra six months before watching their national side embark on their World Cup journey.

ReutersEngland training in the Qatari heat[/caption]

This is due to the extreme heat that the host nation experiences during the depths of summer when the competition is usually set to take place.

Qatar will often reach high’s of 45 degrees Celsius between June and July, five degrees more than UK’s hottest day on record. Even during winter, the Middle Eastern nation will average a warm 24 degrees.

Are the World Cup stadiums in Qatar air-conditioned?

All 65 games during the World Cup will be played in eight stadiums across eastern Qatar.

Players and spectators will be pleased to know that all eight of these stadiums have fully functioning air-conditioning, protecting them from the blazing heat.

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The cool air will be produced through grills within the stands as well as nozzles on the pitch to accommodate the players.

The brains behind the technology are with Dr. Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani. The Sudan-born doctor began working with Qatar in 2009 whilst they were preparing their bid to host the competition, looking for ways to make their bid unique.

Speaking to, he said “We are not just cooling the air, we’re cleaning it. We’re purifying the air for spectators.

“For example, people who have allergies won’t have problems inside our stadiums. We have the cleanest and purest air there is.”

Nicknamed Dr. Cool due to his research within the field, Dr. Ghani stated that the cooling systems has seen temperatures within the stadium drop to between 18-24 degrees, ensuring fans would have “thermal comfort during games”

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