Anthony Joshua tipped to KO Deontay Wilder in brutal fashion by very unlikely supporter

ANTHONY JOSHUA has been tipped to knock out Deontay Wilder, by Tyson Fury’s dad.

A long overdue grudge match between the pair is being targeted for December – with the showdown expected to land in Saudi Arabia.

GETTYAnthony Joshua is seemingly closing in on a grudge match with Deontay Wilder[/caption]

The pair’s showdown is current in the works for DecemberGETTY

PATyson Fury’s dad John has tipped AJ to KO The Bronze Bomber[/caption]

Joshua‘s chances of getting the better of the former WBC heavyweight champion have been written off by many following his scrappy points win over Jermaine Franklin last month.

But John Fury reckons his fellow Brit will batter the Bronze Bomber, saying: “AJ will knock [Wilder] out.”

John is adamant son Tyson has already done enough damage to Wilder for one of AJ’s power punches to lay out the American.

He continued: “You know why? Because Deontay Wilder can’t take shots on the side of his head.

“Tyson, ‘The Gypsy King’ cracked his skull. If AJ lands in the same place, AJ knocks him out.”

John’s prediction for the fight comes just days after Tyson ruled out his long-time rival’s chances of beating his WBC predecessor.

When asked to give his prediction for the Saudi showdown, Tyson said: “Do you need me to answer that?

“I think we all know what happens. I’d love for AJ to knock him out, because Wilder’s a little b****.


“He’s a moaning p***y, forgive me for my language.

“But I just see [Joshua] getting chinned to be honest.

“When I met him man to man, his a***hole fell out.

“He come over and cuddled me, like the little b**** that he is.

“It was like, ‘All right, it must be done. He’s given me the cuddle, forget about it.’

“Then a week later he goes, ‘Tyson’s still a piece of s***’ this that and the other.

“I thought you little slimy… Deontay Wilder is Deontay Wilder and that’s it.”

“I’ve beat him three times. I’ve absolutely done his record right in.

“Give him two knockout losses and a draw, which I won anyway.

“It is what it is. I don’t hate the guy, he’s just a bit of a t***er.”

Joshua and Wilder were due to throw down with one another five years ago when they held all the heavyweight marbles.

Their grudge match, however, never came to fruition – although AJ is confident this round of negotiations will seal the deal.

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