October 23, 2021


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Andre Ayew opens up on the importance of reuniting with childhood friends anytime he is in Ghana

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Captain of the senior national team of Ghana, Andre Ayew has revealed how fortunate he is to have Abedi Ayew as his father and growing up with friends who barely had three square meals a day.Ayew grew up in the rich neighbourhood of East League in the capital of Ghana, but the Swansea City forward also saw the hard part of life his close friends lived through.The 31-year-old insists he reunites with his old pals to catch up with old times, and sometimes offers help to those in need.I am lucky, and I remind myself of that every day, he told Swanseacity.com. Thanks to my dads career we had what we needed, but that wasnt the same for everyone, including my dad during his early years.Some of my friends were living in unfinished houses it is a common thing in Ghana. Wed play football until it was dark, go back to my house sometimes for some food, and do it again the next day.’Now, when I go back to Ghana, I meet up with those guys and chat, go for food and things like that, and Im happy to help them now too. They have experienced different things in life, but its important that we see each other when I am back in Ghana.

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