Ally McCoist owns up to CHEATING on Question of Sport after Rangers hero was accused live on air

ALLY McCOIST may have been a footballer by trade, but he is known for having vast knowledge in a range of different sports.

The Rangers and Scotland legend is a fan of cricket, rugby, snooker, among others, including the beautiful game.

GettyMcCoist was one of the team captains on Question of Sport[/caption]

The Rangers hero is now a regular on TalkSPORT

But despite being the go-to man for many when it comes to sport, even he can’t help himself from cheating when he’s asked difficult questions.

While coming to the end of his footballing career, McCoist took to the cameras to showcase his sport knowledge on popular Friday night quiz – Question of Sport.

McCoist was one of the team captains for nearly a decade between 1997 and 2006, and he established himself as a personality off the pitch as well as legend on it.

But his rival captain on the other side, John Parrot, who was a Snooker world champion, has revealed that McCoist used to sometimes deceive his opponents on the show to get the right answers.

And he was once caught out after he revealed he had the name of a certain Bulgarian high jumper written on his arm.

Speaking about McCoist’s antics, Parrot told TalkSPORT: “Honestly, you’ve never seen anything like it. He used to write the names down on his hand and everything. 

“You know when someone is doing their exams in school, it was unbelievable.  

“There was this female high jumper on the picture board in the last round and he was asked ‘do you know who that is?’ and he said ‘no I don’t, but I might in a minute’ and he lifted his sleeve up and her name was there.”

McCoist laughed: “You have got some memory! She was actually Bulgarian and I’ll tell you how difficult it was.

“Her name started at the top of my elbow and just finished at my wrist.”

Parrot revealed the Rangers hero wasn’t the only one who cheated on the show as he got McCoist back years later with a similar trick.

He said: “Honestly, it was hilarious. I got him back a few years later.

“I went down early for one of the shows and they used to do the quiz between pub quiz teams and have a run through.

“I got down early and there’s all the one-minute answers, and I thought ‘aw yeah that’ll do me!’.

“When it got to the one-minute round, McCoist was saying ‘Jesus JP, you’re on fire!’

“It was unbelievable, cheating taken to a whole new level.”

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