1xbet Sports Betting vs iAuctionX Lottery Offering in Nigeria

1xbet Sports Betting vs iAuctionX Lottery Offering in Nigeria

Although various forms of gambling like Sports betting or Lottery plays are lawful in Nigeria, theyhave had to endure a slow market penetration. They sometimes even appear shrouded with an air of proscription about it.

The last decade though has seen an explosion of gambling in Nigeria. And why not! With no money on ground, Nigerians have come to appreciate this lucky strike of responsible gambling.

Statistic reveal that:

about 70 million people in Nigeria between the ages of 18 and 40 are involved in active gambling, and an estimated 7 In 10 Nigerians have visited a gambling site online deliberately or inadvertently. “ -NOIPolls, 2020

People in Nigeria who exercise their legal franchise to gamble are often undecided between the two most common gambling forms in Nigeria which are:

  • Sports betting
  • The lottery

Sports betting or Lottery? Today we are going to compare the leading companies in these ventures.

1xbet and iAuctionX

Both companies are available in Nigeria. 1xbet is a Sports betting company and the later, iAuctionX is a lottery company in Nigeria.

Although they offer different services, we can attempt to compare the betting services of 1xbet and iAuctionX in terms of the following:

  • Customer care service
  • Equal opportunity
  • Variety of games available
  • Payments

Customer care service

1xbet handles customer related problems with speed and empathy. With over 5 thousand employees, customer complaints are definitely not on deaf ears. Coupled with it’s fast and functional website, 1xbet has good customer service.

iAuctionX also employs this same approach as they realize that customer satisfaction is key to trust. Not only are polite customer call handlers available for call 24/7, the iAuctionX website has a live chat with an assistant that can help you for anything ranging from how to play to which promos are available. Little wonder Oduma Joshua, a customer in Nigeria awed with the fast customer care response described iAuctionX  as “having a way with solving problems.”

Equal opportunity

Reports reveal that:

Males between 18 – 35 years,  accounted for the highest proportion of Nigerians who engaged in the Sport online betting.”

Although making winnings on both 1xbet and iAuctionX requires some amount of luck, you have to really understand Sports especially football and get wind of the latest information before kick-off. You will have to have a very good grasp of the latest soccer news and the bookmaker odds as well as keep up with the hundreds of games all season just to make an informed bet on 1xbet or any other Sport betting site in Nigeria for that matter. This can be pretty exhausting.

Contrast this to the lottery which is actually an equal opportunity fair game for everyone, including some who do not watch or enjoy soccer. You just have to make the highest bid or be lucky and bam! You’re a winner on the iAuctionX Lottery! Yes! You!

Variety of games available

iAuctionX has a lot of ongoing live lotteries and auctions in Nigeria available all for your bidding. Winners are announced almost daily. Apart from lottery jackpots and auctions. iAuctionX also provides:

  • Lucky dips
  • Matching card games for airtime
  • Raffle draws

1Xbet also has an impressive amount of virtual games to play as well. However the main attractions are bets in live soccer games especially the English Premier league. Leagues do go for off-season breaks then and Live games are not available.

It’s easier to play on iAuctionX where the jackpot is always live and ongoing.


This is what truly sets iAuctionX and 1xbet apart from other Sport betting or Lottery companies in Nigeria. Once you have earned your jackpot, the cash out is instantly available. A poll conducted by The Guardian Newspapers in 2011 revealed that:

“76% of people who bet pick  ‘timely payment of bet(lottery) winning’ as one of the major reasons will pick a betting platform. Ahead of popularity or bonuses!”

iAuctionX’s Facebook page is littered with grateful winners who share their testimonies. In the end, customer reviews are the ultimate advisors.

The verdict

Perhaps you’re feeling Lucky today and want to cash in on your luck. Visit www.iAuctionX.com and have no regrets!

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